British Columbia Registered Music Teachers’ Association

You’ve recently moved to beautiful Richmond, British Columbia, and are looking for music lessons. Perhaps your child is ready for piano lessons, violin lessons, voice lessons, or even flute lessons. You might want to contact the BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association for some guidance. An experienced and qualified teacher offers a solid grounding in basics, which can affect the future of a student. Many students choose to learn music and set milestones through examinations, recitals, and performances. It also helps to know that by Level 6, 7, and Level 8, music students can use their music studies for Fine Arts credit in high school for Grade 10, 11, and 12. How do you find a qualified teacher in your area? The Richmond Branch has many registered members, each one of them qualified to teach your child. Just contact the BC Registered Music Teachers Association – Richmond Branch, namely us, and we can put you well on your way with a fully qualified experienced teacher. In British Columbia, a Registered Music Teacher (RMT) has a music teacher’s diploma or music degree, as well as recognized teaching experience. That means that a BC Registered Music Teacher is fully qualified and experienced to give your child music lessons.

Upcoming Events/Recitals

Date Event
June 5, 2024

General Meeting 11:00 AM, Year End Luncheon 12:00pm at Fogg N’ Suds Restaurant Beer Bar, 10720 Cambie Road, Richmond, B.C. (map)

June 9, 2024

Award Recognition, Pre-grade and General Recitals at South Arm United Church, 11051 No. 3 Road, Richmond, B.C. (map)

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