Teachers Directory

Teachers are listed alphabetically by last name. Most of the teachers also teach theoretical subjects.

Name Phone E-mail Subject Location
Anatoly Brusylovskiy 604-786-3776 anatbrus@gmail.com Flute, Clarinet, French horn, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone Steveston
Mary Ann Cayetano 604-270-0191 mcpianomusic@gmail.com Piano North Central/ Cambie
Lillian Chan 604-325-4376 franzliszt22@yahoo.com Piano City Centre
Marie Chan 604-231-9908 mariemchan@gmail.com Piano City Centre
Matthew Chan 778-323-8535 matthew@lifemusique.com Piano, Conducting, Voice Steveston
Rebecca Chan 604-783-3135 rebeccachan.music@gmail.com Piano McNair/Shellmont
Vivian Chan 604-803-1261 pianovivian@gmail.com Piano Terra Nova/ Thompson
Vivian PH Chan 778-288-6783 vivianpianostudio@gmail.com Piano Hugh Boyd/ Seafair
Jennie Chen 778-238-1886 jenchlin@yahoo.ca Piano/Theory Specialist Blundell/Ferris
Michael Chen 604-781-1513 chenlomusic@hotmail.com Piano/Organ City Centre
Jacqueline Cheung 778-997-4155 c.jacqueline29@gmail.com Piano Garden City
Chee-Hwa Chiang 604-803-8926 chiangfang@hotmail.com Piano Mcnair/Shellmont
Danea Chim 604-271-7900 cfchim@gmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Joanne Chng 604-275-9892 joannechng@shaw.ca Piano Gilmore/Grauer
Joan Chow 778-883-3353 joanchow@shaw.ca Piano London
Gloria Cristobal 604-319-0588 moodymusic@shaw.ca Piano Mcnair/Shellmont
Robert Dyck 604-270-6414 rdsounds@shaw.ca Piano Blundell/Ferris
Betty Feng 604-272-4183 bettyfeng@yahoo.com Piano Lower Mainland/Burnaby/Vancouver
Colleen Finlay 778-836-2401 colleenmyc@shaw.ca Piano Lower Mainland/Burnaby/Vancouver
Tyler Fleming 778-855-4029 tylerhfleming@gmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Vancouver/Burnaby
KC Foong 604-613-9382 broadwaykc@gmail.com Piano City Centre
Peter Friesen 604-910-3898 pfriesen@telus.net Piano/Jazz Piano Hugh Boyd/ Seafair
Melanie Hau 604-789-2011 hau_melanie@yahoo.ca Piano Blundell/Ferris
Janet Ho 604-839-8538 hojanet@gmail.com Piano Blundell/ Ferris
Mimi Ho 604-837-7233 mimiymho@gmail.com Piano Hugh Boyd/ Seafair
Grace Hoff 604-644-2865 gracehoff70@icloud.com Piano Maple Lane/ South Central
Meggie Hu 604-275-9887 meggiehu.com@gmail.com Piano Terra Nova/ Thompson
Jessica Sijia Huang 604-445-0928 jessicahsj@outlook.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Sue Huang 604-221-7585 yehshihhuang@hotmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Ting-I Huang 778-999-3431 tingihuang@yahoo.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Jason Hui 604-619-5656 myfamilyhui@gmail.com Piano/Theory Specialist Terra Nova/ Thompson
Olga Ioutskevitch 604-275-5699 olgai@shaw.ca Piano Terra Nova/ Thompson
Florence Ip 604-771-2755 ipflorence@hotmail.com Piano Steveston
Galina Jitlina 604-241-3964 galina@galinaguitar.com Guitar Garden City
Lois Kerr 604-274-1980 loiskerr88@gmail.com Piano Terra Nova/ Thompson
Yuan Kong 778-858-3950 yksweet@gmail.com Piano Brighouse
Irena Koprivica 604-889-9741 irena@iqnova.com Piano Lower Mainland/Burnaby/Vancouver
Jing Lai
jinghaddon@hotmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouve
Shirley Lam 604-781-1234 shirleywylam@gmail.com Piano Brighouse
Amelia Lau 778-683-2820 amelialau@yahoo.com Piano Terra Nova/ Thompson
Dorothy Lau 604-272-0826 dorolau@shaw.ca Piano Garden City
Betty Lee 604-889-9813 leebetty@hotmail.com Piano Blundell/Ferris
Grace Lee 604-204-2423 leegrace4131@gmail.com Piano Blundell/Ferris
Donna Lee 604-272-5020 dl6431@gmail.com Piano Brighouse
Joni Leung 604-438-3106 leungja@shaw.ca Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Prudence Leung 604-277-8802 prudenceleung@gmail.com Piano Maple Lane/ South Central
Katharine Li 778-882-2131 bravomusicstudio@yahoo.ca Piano City Centre
Xiao Li 778-383-0283 mpf_lixiao@hotmail.com Piano Steveston
Doris Lin 778-834-7555 dorislin12@gmail.com Piano Garden City
Angela Malmberg 604-948-9990   Violin Tsawwassen
James Malmberg 604-948-9990 jamesmalmberg@telus.net Violin, Viola South Arm
Mariya Mazur Udovenko 778-846-2710 mariya.udovenko@gmail.com Piano Hamilton
Karen Mofakham 604-520-0774 kmofamusic@hotmail.com Piano Hamilton
Victoria Moiseyeva 604-271-3009 victoria_music@telus.net Piano Brighouse
Michael Morse 604-241-8834 theoryspecialist@gmail.com Theory Specialist South Arm
Trudy Morse 604-241-8834 ppc88keys@gmail.com Piano/Theory Specialist South Arm
Eric Shu Fung Ng 778-858-7428 ericngmusic@gmail.com Piano South Arm
Lin Lin Qin 604-716-0477 qllhelen@hotmail.com Piano Garden City
Stephen Robb 604-940-8340 srobbdelta@gmail.com Clarinet/Saxophone Steveston
Joslin Romphf Dennis 514-946-3075 jrdvoicestudio@gmail.com Voice Lower Mainland/Del/Lad/Surr
Joanne Sakumoto-Chan 604-738-3579 chan4266@shaw.ca Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Rowena Silver Bridson 604-763-8716 rowenasilverbridson@gmail.com Piano, Voice Steveston
Ildiko Skeldon 604-710-8891 mypianostudio1@gmail.com Piano Garden City
Victoria Smus 604-241-9543 victoriasmus@gmail.com Piano Steveston
Sandra Tong 604-272-6632 syytong@gmail.com Piano Garden City
Fiona Tsang 604-809-9587 tsang_fiona@hotmail.com Piano Terra Nova/ Thompson
Sin Yu Tsang 778-513-0760 sinyupiano@gmail.com Piano Garden City
Xuan Wen Wang 604-537-5695 xuanwenwang@hotmail.com Piano Delta/Ladner/Surrey
Victoria Warfield 604-275-3285 vixnet@live.ca Piano/Organ/Theory Mcnair/Shellmont
Andrew Warriner 604-729-2614 warriner.andrew@gmail.com Piano Blundell/Ferris
Arline Witrisna 604-782-2117 arlinewit@hotmail.com Piano North Central
Tina Wong 778-895-6833 wong_tina@hotmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Vivien Wong 604-728-8181 vwwwong@yahoo.com Voice Blundell/Ferris
Emma Yang 604-244-7338 emmayang12691@yahoo.com.tw Piano North Central
Winnie LiWen Yang 604-763-8967 yangwinnie9@gmail.com Piano Blundell
Queenie Yang 778-991-0389 Piano/Accordion Brighouse
Ivy Yau 604-779-8633 icwyau@gmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Sharon Yau 604-779-8633 sharon.yau@gmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Cindy Yee 604-726-1611 cindy_yee@shaw.ca Piano London
Amy Yen 604-767-9227 yenamy@hotmail.com Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Christine Yeung 604-760-6308 yeungchristine@shaw.ca Flute/Piccolo Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver
Kitty Yeung 604-275-9351 kittyyeung62@hotmail.com Piano/Theory Specialist Mcnair/Shellmont
Gloria Yu 778-908-0099 gloriayu@hotmail.ca Piano North Central/Cambie
Rachel Zong 604-767-1830 rachelzong@yahoo.ca Piano Lower Mainland/ Burnaby/ Vancouver