BCRMTA Richmond Branch Highest-Mark Medal Information

Richmond RMT Medals are awarded in the disciplines of piano, string, woodwinds and voice for the highest mark in each level of the Royal Conservatory of Music exams. Application can only be submitted by the teachers of the BCRMTA richmond branch. Application form (pdf/word document) for entries submissions are accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Student receives a minimum mark of 80 on the exam (except for the Level 10 Split Exam, where the minimum total mark of 85 must be attained), and has been studying with the teacher at the time of the student’s exam.
  • Richmond Branch highest mark award will be awarded to all three levels of the piano pedagogy exam separately. All components of each pedagogy level must be completed to apply for that level.
  • For pedagogy exams, completion refers to both Viva Voce and the Written exam (only).  Entries may be sent in after the student has completed both exams (regardless of completion order).
  • Medal recipients to all levels of pedagogy are exempted from performing in the awards ceremony. However, only Advanced level has the option of performance at the awards ceremony. Repertoire for the performance must be level 10 or above. 
  • Teacher must be a member of the Richmond branch for at least 1 year.
  • Teacher is required to attend at least 2 general meetings plus the Annual General Meeting per school year (luncheon is not considered a meeting) AND volunteer in order to be eligible for students’ awards.  Exemption is granted to any teachers who is a Committee Chairperson or Member.
  • Teachers are responsible for the submitted information. NO corrections will be made once the results are posted after the deadline.
  • A clear copy of student’s examination result must accompany the application. Late entries not accepted.
  • Application is complete and legible

Discontinued communication protocols:

Telephone messages, faxes

Exam Session Exam Results Deadline Medal Presentation
June 2019 September 15, 2019 October 13, 2019
August 2019 October 22, 2019 November 17, 2019
January 2020 March 23, 2020 TBA
April 2020 TBA TBA
  • Email results and application form to Rebecca Chan ( 
  • Medals presented at:First Class Honours Recitals, South Arm United Church, 11051 No 3 Rd, Richmond, British Columbia (map)

BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association, Richmond Branch Medal Awards

June 2019


Level Student
Prep B Maria Huang
1 Ophelia Shum
2 Eywa Wang, Joanna Yuan
3 Jennifer Ho
4 Bethanie Choi
5 Teresa Pan
6 Audrey Tai
7 Juno Soe
8 Chelsea Huang
Elementary Pedagogy Clara Xu


Level Student
3 Hannah Xu

August 2019


Level Student
Prep B Jasmine Tan
1 Nathaniel Moi
3 Breanna Chan
4 Rosaline Sun
5 Vanessa Huang
6 Enoch Liu
7 Sophia Nicol
8 Joyann Hua
9 Enver Chan
10 Split Matthew Wong
10 Complete Nicole Leung
Pedagogy (Elementary) Courtney Cheung


Level Student
10 David Wang

January 2020


Level Student
Prep A Ethan Gootman
1 Xander Wong-Ma
2 Vallen He
3 Daniel Said
4 Jiayi Zhang
5 Kylie Chan, Daniel Luo
6 Moira Guanlao, Manish Sadalapure
8 Owen Skippen
9 Samson Tan


Level Student
6 Theodore Zaruev


Level Student
2 Charlie Wu
4 Hannah Xu
8 Alan Chen

Winifred Proud Memorial Scholarships

The Winifred Proud Memorial Scholarships application form is due March 4th, 2020. A scholarship of $150 will be awarded to a Level 9 piano student , $200 awarded to a Level 10 Split Piano student and $250 awarded to a Level 10 Complete Piano student achieving the highest mark in the RCM in 2019. Theory requirements must be fulfilled for both levels. The deadline for the marks for piano & the required theory co-requisites must be received by March 4th, 2020. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must have a mark of 80 or above (with all written subjects) for level 9 and 10. 85 or above (with all written subjects) for level 10 split (with both parts of the level 10 examination taken within the same year) from the RCM. The student receiving the award must be studying with the teacher of the Richmond Branch of BCRMTA. Please mail all documents to the above address and marked attention to Ms. Rebecca Chan  (Re: Winifred Proud Scholarship). The recipients of the Level 9 & 10 award are required to perform in the Scholarships Recital on Sunday, May 24, 2020, 1:30 PM at South Arm United Church, 11051 No. 3 Road, Richmond, B.C. (map).

About the scholarship contributor

A founding member of the Richmond Branch in 1964, Winifred Proud served as the first President for two terms and helped launch the first Richmond Branch student recital. Being a music pedagogue throughout her life, at age 99, Mrs. Proud was one of the finalists for Wisdom of Age Mentorship Award (Leisure Care Lighthouse Awards program in the Lower Mainland), “given to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the lives of children.”  (Source: Richmond Branch Archive, The Vancouver Sun)

Annual Winifred Proud Piano Scholarships Recipients
Level 9 Enver Chan
Level 10 Matthew Wong

Richmond Branch Scholarships

Richmond Branch Scholarships are awarded annually.  The next Richmond Branch Scholarships will be awarded in the year 2020.  Eligible students must have studied with a Richmond Branch teacher and obtained the highest mark in the discipline of piano, strings, woodwinds/brass or voice. Presentation of scholarships are scheduled for the scholarships recital on May 24, 2020. Please refer to Richmond Branch Scholarship rules and regulations and application form for detailed information. Results from the following exam boards are accepted by the deadline of March 4, 2020:

  • Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), and Conservatory/other
  • Kelly Kirby Music Society, for Piano Prep A & B levels only

** Medal recipients to all levels of pedagogy are exempted from performing in the awards ceremony. However, only Advanced level has the option of performance at the awards ceremony. Repertoire for the performance must be level 10 or above. ** 

Performance Awards:

RCM, Conservatory/Other Kelly Kirby
Prep A Prep A
Prep B Prep B
Junior Levels 1-4
Intermediate Levels 5-7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 10 Split – highest cumulative total – eligible in the calendar year that the final section is completed
Level ARCT (Associate – Performers)
Level ARCT (Associate – Pedagogy) – highest cumulative total of Advanced Parts 1-2-3
Level Licentiate

New Theory Awards: eligible in the calendar year that the final exam is completed

Level 9 – cumulative total of level 9 Harmony + History
Level 10 – cumulative total of level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint + History
Level ARCT – cumulative total of ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint + History + Analysis

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Piano, RCM
Prep B Maria Huang
Juniors, Levels 1 to 4 Alice Huang, 
Intermediate, Levels 5 to 7 Teresa Pan, Juno Soe
Level 8 Chelsea Huang
Level 9 Yudan Lu, Enver Chan
Level 10 Split Matthew Wong
Woodwind, RCM
Juniors, Levels 1 to 4 Brian Sun, Hannah Xu
Intermediate Levels 5 to 7 Zhiyu Li
Level 10 David Wang
Strings/Guitar RCM
Juniors, Levels 1 to 4 Haoyue Tang
Intermediate Levels 5 to 7 Selina Zhou
Theory, RCM
Level 9 Maxwell Gao
Level 10 Mathew Wong
ARCT Sophia X. Li

Richmond Branch Post Secondary Music Scholarships

A scholarship of up to $200 per applicant may be awarded to a full-time incoming student enrolled in a Music degree program at a University, College, or Music Conservatory. The number and value of the scholarships may be adjusted depending on the applicant pool in any given year. For more detailed information and application procedures, please refer to the Richmond Branch Post Secondary Music Scholarship rules and regulations.

2018 Post Secondary University
1st Year UBC Music – 2016 Noah Ha
1st  Year UVIC – 2016 Jonathan Li

Richmond Branch Community Service Scholarships

As a part of the Richmond Branch Scholarship Awards, a community service category was added in 2004 to acknowledge those students who give their time and talents to the community. To be eligible, the student must be studying with a member of the Richmond Branch of the BCRMTA. There are numerous ways the student can qualify – playing at seniors’ homes, at church, or anywhere in the community where they volunteer their musical skills. Students may also assist a musical organization such as a music festival or competition, Branch events, or a concert association. A minimum of 35 hours will be required for the Richmond Branch Service Award. The students with the three highest hours of service between January 1st to December 31st, 2019 will each receive $50 and a certificate. Presentation of scholarship is scheduled at the Scholarships Recital on May 24th, 2020. Please refer to Richmond Branch Community Service Scholarship rules and regulations and application form due by March 4th, 2020, for detailed information.

Annual Community Service Scholarships Recipients
Lucas Fung
Jace Anastacio-calvo
EJ Ramos

Richmond Branch Piano Competition

The Richmond Branch will be holding a piano competition to select a competitor to represent our branch at the BCRMTA Provincial Piano Competition happening in Parksville, September 2020. The entry will be made through YouTube and the deadline to submit the application form is March 1, 2020.

Please click HERE for detailed rules and more information.