Other Programs

Musical Community Service Award

Students! Here’s a chance for you to get a Musical Community Service Award. The purpose of this award is to encourage you, the student to take your music out into the community. You may be a student of any age or level of music study, but you must be studying with a BC Registered Music Teacher. Suggestions of volunteering may include:

  • Playing music at care homes, hospitals, or shut-ins.
  • Taking a senior citizen to a concert.
  • Helping with musical programs in churches.
  • Helping with extra-curricular music programs at schools.
  • Assisting a music therapist.
  • As a piano accompanist for the singer(s) or instrumentalists.
  • Helping with various tasks at music festivals.
  • Volunteering at concerts with such activities as helping with programs, staging, lighting, etc.
  • Providing music at a senior citizen luncheon.

Award levels include Bronze Certificate (10 hours), Silver Certificate (35 hours), Gold Certificate (60 hours) Please visit the Provincial Website or click here for more information.

Student Teachers’ Auxiliary

Interested in joining the Student Teachers’ Auxiliary? Our Student Teachers’ Auxiliary offers opportunities for student teachers to share information to network with other teachers. Benefits include performance opportunities for your students, workshops, and lots of fun! Contact the Richmond Branch for more information, or call us at 604-268-9559.

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? The Richmond Branch of the BC Registered Music Teachers’ Association has members who are periodically looking for students needing CAPP volunteer hours. Areas of a volunteer may include helping out at recitals, workshops, or masterclasses, computer work, performance opportunities, apprenticeship-teaching, and many more things! Contact the Richmond Branch for more information, or call us at 604-268-9559.

Going to the Opera

Students who have never been to the opera should go at least once in their lifetime. Dress rehearsal tickets can sometimes be obtained through schools (check with the school music teacher). Otherwise, there are a few other options to save money on single tickets.


A rush ticket available to the general public as well as seniors and students one hour before the performance for $25. Tuesday, at door sales only.


Now everyone can afford opera! Purchase tickets 4 weeks before performance and save 50%! Tickets in the rear balcony only. Weekday: $18. Saturdays: $19 Tips for the opera

  1. Read the synopsis (outline) of the opera before going, and perhaps listen to the music a little first.
  2. Be punctual. If you are late, sometimes you cannot enter until the performer has finished singing a particular number.
  3. Dress reasonably well. There is no real fancy dress code, but appropriate dress means something you could wear going out with your family.
  4. Don’t worry about foreign languages. There is a board above the stage that translates everything into English for you.

Don’t forget to bring your binoculars!